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When I was just three-years-old, my father was killed by a drunk driver. My mother was now a 29-year-old widow, left to fend for herself and her two young children in a world that was all too new to her. His death had left her in psychological shock which permanently stopped her periods and resulted in early menopause in her twenties. 

We immigrated to the United States, hoping to start a new life. Instead, we were faced with financial burdens which inevitably led to homelessness, surviving off welfare in a 300 sq. ft. garage infested with rodents, no running hot water or kitchen. Despite my mother's pleas, many employers had turned her down for employment due to her physical disability. All she wanted to do was put food on the table and clothes on our backs. 

My brother and I tackled life's hurdles one at a time and worked our way up finishing school and found a path in the right direction for our family. That was, until 2012, few months shy of my 25th birthday, when my mother tragically passed away of kidney failure at the age of 52. 

After working in several different companies, gaining experience in e-commerce, I made the ultimate decision to start my own business that would teach women to embrace their periods because it can be gone - just like that - when we least expect it. Most importantly, I wanted to educate and raise awareness to not only the awful disease that took my mother’s life, but other diseases and issues that arise in our society that we just might not be aware of.