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Artemis Box is a monthly subscription service catered to pampering women during their period. Each month, we aim to educate and empower women to revolutionize the stigma of periods and raise awareness in women's health.

With subscription services becoming more and more prevalent these days, I couldn't help but jump on the idea of providing women with a surprise box every month that is convenient, practical and educational. Think about it; women go through periods every month. So, why not a period box?

There are so many amazing subscription services out there of all genres but none that really introduces or recognizes all the different women's health issues that many of us take for granted including the social misconceptions of periods and being a woman today. 

Our boxes are packaged for women by a woman. Nobody likes the physical and emotional consequences that come with having periods; I am one of them. I want to make it convenient for others every month with a package of essentials and goodies before their schedule delivered right to their door.

In our box, you will find a mix of healthy and naughty snacks, feminine hygiene products, pampering items and gifts! We discover new and innovative ways to make your box fun and exciting with a focus on a specific cause each month.