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3-Month (Period Box) - $71.97
Our Period Box includes:
Choose up to 20 feminine hygiene products! Pads, tampons or a combination of both for different flow types from your favorite brands!
Different guilty pleasures every month ranging from chocolates to salted caramels to scrumptious Korean snacks to satisfy those sweet and salty monthly cravings! To help balance out those naughty cravings a few days before and during our periods, your box will also include soothing herbal teas and snacks that are healthy and beneficial for your periods.
Various pampering items ranging from Korean beauty products, heating pads, Advil, cleansing cloths, essential oils, candles and other pampering items to help with menstrual cramps and other symptoms that come with having your period.
Every month, you will receive a gift in your box with a focus on a specific cause in women's health or women's empowerment. Gifts can range from jewelry to stickers to fun accessories!

3-Month (Period Box) - $71.97

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